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Please note that due to high volume and demand, we are currently running low on youth sized gear.  Depending on your son's age / size we may not be able to outfit him properly.  Please make sure you call ahead to confirm an appointment, and make sure we have the appropriate gear in stock.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

True Lacrosse Rental Gear

True Lacrosse offers the opportunity to rent equipment for those players who are new to the game and aren’t prepared to spend a huge amount on purchasing all of it at once. There are different packages to cater to various needs. Our rental packages are:

Gold Package
Includes helmet, stick, gloves, shoulder and elbow pads.
3 months: $75
6 months: $125
9 months: $150

Silver Package
Includes helmet, gloves, shoulder and elbow pads
3 months: $65
6 months: $110
9 months: $135

Bronze Package
Includes gloves, shoulder and elbow pads
3 months: $55
6 months: $95
9 months: $120



There will be a $300 refundable deposit check collected at the time of the rental. This check will be given back to you when equipment is returned 7days after the rental period agreed upon. If you wish to keep the equipment, the deposit check will be cashed. 

(Checks must be post dated for the Equipment Return Date)

Summer Camp Rental Fees

For those participating in a 2-5 day summer camp, rental package fees are:

Gold Package: $40
Silver Package: $35
Bronze Package: $25

  Equipment fittings are by appointment only. Please call Graham Rouse at
(630) 519-4680 to schedule a fitting.

True Lacrosse

131 Eisenhower Lane N.
Lombard, IL 60148

You may only return equipment to the True Lacrosse Headquarters in Lombard. True Lacrosse is not responsible for any equipment dropped off at another location.  In order to have your deposit check returned, you must speak with a True Lacrosse employee when dropping off equipment OR have a bag labelled with the player's first and last name.  We have no way of knowing who has returned unlabeled gear.


We do not carry girls lacrosse equipment.


Our equipment is cleaned and sanitized by Sani Sport