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Thank you to all of those that attended the True Lacrosse Kansas tryouts over the weekend. We had an incredible turnout and saw many talented players, which will make our job of selecting the teams very difficult. Every player should be proud of the work ethic, determination, and skill he brought to the tryouts this year. 



All players should have received a notification of team placement.  If they attended the tryout and did not receive a notification please contact,


Are you ready to take your game to the next level!? The TRUE KS Girls Travel Team Program is designed to help take a players skill sets to the next level. 

True Lacrosse teams are designed to accommodate players of all skill levels. We offer the highest quality lacrosse education for our members by only hiring coaches who have played the game at the collegiate level or higher; holding more practices than other club teams; and participating in the best tournaments in the nation. This carefully crafted method provides an unparalleled level of competition and allows our players to continuously improve resulting in more college commitments than any other club program in the region. 

Interested in trying out? Contact Adam Woodward with any questions!

Adam Woodward

Adam Woodward

Director - Kansas

Phone: (913) 206-6212

Our Mission

True Lacrosse is committed to the expansion and progression of lacrosse. Our combined knowledge, experience, and passion allow us to offer the best service, products, and guidance necessary to further develop the fastest game on two feet. Our mission is to spread the game of lacrosse throughout the entire Midwest and onto areas of the country where lacrosse has not been fully embraced. We understand that lacrosse is a lifestyle not a hobby and we value the dedication required to excel in this sport.

Girls Lacrosse Facts


  1.  There are over 90 DI schools dispersed among 13 conferences in Women's College Lacrosse
  2. Last year over 350,000 Lacrosse players were registered under U.S. Lacrosse
  3. There are 31 countries involved in the Federation of International Lacrosse. They hold the Women's World Cup every four years
  4. There are 256 Division III schools with Women's Lacrosse programs
  5. The first lacrosse team ever formed was at the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, MD
  6. The NCAA started sponsoring Women's Lacrosse in 1982
  7. Men and Women played under the same rules without protective equipment until the mid 1930's